"I am ever grateful to School of the Spirit! SOS has helped me develop a daily practice of Centering Prayer, a weekly practice of Sabbath, a clergy accountability group, and spiritual direction.  I now lead two congregations from a place of inner peace, Christ living within me, where I surrender myself and consent to God’s presence and action within me.  Concrete evidence of this Holy Spirit directed leadership may be found in the equipping, participation and leadership of the laity in all the ministries of the church, but especially in ministries with children and youth in our community. (P.S.—Thank you for two years of SOS! It took more than one year for me to let go and let God! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SCHOOL OF THE SPIRIT!)" 

- Rev. Naomi King | Bethel-Marvin UMC, Stony Point, NC


"The School of the Spirit helped me to remember the significance of the verb, "be." The action words that describe leadership in the church can include “preach,” “evangelize,” “organize,” “teach,” “mediate,” “serve,” and many more. Yet, clergy and laity alike must first “be” still and “be” open” for the Spirit of God to love, heal, teach, and transform us. Otherwise, true ministry can’t happen." 

- Rev. Craig Allen, United Methodist Clergy


"As a church leader, I have been directed to take continuing education in church leadership, programming, and changing the church culture. The School of the Spirit has reminded and empowered me to go to the Basics of Jesus – the study of the Scriptures, the silence and power of prayer, the importance of the covenant community, and regularly taking time away for Sabbath. This year of study, time, and experience was invaluable to me. I will carry all that I have learned for a lifetime, both personally and professionally. The School of the Spirit is truly a gift to whoever walks through the doors. Thanks be to God." 

- Rev. Kelley Groce | Centenary UMC, Greensboro, NC


"Following Jesus always goes before making disciples and transforming the world... essentially meaning that leadership development should always begin with following Jesus.  'We love because Christ first loved us' (1 John 4:19, one of my favorite verses). Lord knows, I’ve been to enough leadership development seminars, retreats, workshops, speakers, read books, attended leadership summits, etc. Unless there is a spiritual foundation of why we do what we do, we are simply just 'DOING' rather than 'BEING'... we are just ‘doing’ church, just ‘doing’ church business, ‘doing’ church programs, ‘doing’ leadership development, doing, doing, doing…

"Whereas I believe our hope is to 'BE' the Church, as we as church leaders, clergy, priests, pastors, deacons, elders, etc., FIRST follow Christ and are reminded of His abundant love for us (which the School of the Spirit helps me to do), then and only then might we represent or re-present Jesus to the laity, our congregations, and the lost in our community for the hope of transforming the world. We love and we serve, we (as clergy) develop other lay persons and lay leaders, we do all that we do … BECAUSE Christ first loved us. Because of our first love, we can then BE who we are called to be and lead how we are meant to lead. The School of the Spirit absolutely helps to keep me spiritually grounded as I’m called to serve in so many varying ways. And for that, I give God thanks!!! Thanks to (the SOS team) for helping to personally keep ME grounded."

- Rev. Mark Muckler, United Methodist Clergy